Mission Statement

In this Church of England Academy we hope that our connections with the Church and our Christian ethos will be evident to all who come within our walls.  We intend that it will guide not only the religious aspects of the day but will become a firm foundation for the whole life of the school.  We want the children of our school, as they grow physically and mentally, to also grow socially and spiritually so gaining real respect for themselves, for each other, and indeed, for the whole of this exciting world in which we all live.

Burton Morewood School aims to provide:

  • Equal opportunities for every child to develop their full potential enabling them to leave our school well prepared for the next stage of their educational, social and spiritual development,
  • A curriculum which is broad and well balanced, responsive to the needs of the individual child and relevant to the wider world,
  • A staff who are committed, motivated, caring and able to meet the school curriculum requirements,
  • Resources that match the needs of the children and the school as fully as possible,
  • Communications with parents which are open, effective and timely.